26 August, 2006

What the fuck is wrong with me.

I wrote an update yesterday then saved it without posting because I didn't feel it was "finished," and discovered three others like it written over the course of the past month and a half. Something tells me I've been taking this a little too seriously without even realizing it.

So I think sometimes I'm just going to shoot my mouth off, just like the good old days. Sometimes it won't be about games. Sometimes it will be wrong, or stupid, or mean, or both, but at least it won't be sitting in My Documents longing desperately to be hit by a stray text search just to fulfill the basic need for human contact.

If the article is about a game, it'll say so in the title from now on. So anything with a title like "what the fuck xyz," you can safely skip it without missing out on the cigarette-smoking-man subplot.

I'm also going to do this.

As Above - Kevan Davis' blog (my favorite)
GoodShit - a perfect blend of odd finds, weird history, and naked ladies (almost as good)
the Virgo Supercluster entry at Wikipedia - because so many people don't know where we are
Robotech - maybe the greatest television series ever
the best kitten ever getting ready for TF2

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