15 October, 2006

(slight return)

It was an okay summer for three reasons. One, I fell back in love with Guild Wars. Two, I finally figured out how to enjoy World of Warcraft. Three, I didn't play Urban Dead at all.

This morning I had Firefox open for some reason. (Come to think of it, I was looking for a torrent of the new Guild Wars soundtrack.) I saw Kevan's blog on the link buttons and noticed he's made a new game. Haven't played that yet, but for the first time in months I felt like playing Urban Dead. So I fired her up.

I had thrown myself out the top floor of a police station and was still laying dead on the ground. I pulled my rotting body up to a more or less standing position and wandered a few blocks north to the infamous Craske Triangle, curious about the fate of my beloved Cornelius General Hospital and hoping the revive point I set up would still be active. It is, but the Necrotech building it relies upon is overrun and the hospital is at death's door, so we'll see.

My evil twin Vacuos was miraculously still breathing God's clean air, but he'd awoken in a mall which had been entirely taken over by the walking dead and torn apart, so he high-tailed it back to Marven Mall, where he is now sleeping soundly in the gun store.

Some goth kids we're friends with lay dead in the streets of Vinetown. They got up and shambled up the road to the nearest revive point. The plan is to make their way soon to the City Zoo, where they intend to convert the reptile house into a gloomy nightclub staffed by Adult Swim fans and standoffish DJs.

After I see to the Craske situation I must seek out my old confidante Bake Hayes and see what he's up to. Then I've got a score to settle with the world's worst fire department. And there's the matter of redistricting the entire city.

One thing at a time. Someone remind me.

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