28 May, 2006

The Plot Does Not Thicken

Good lord, I went a month without updating. It's just like the good old days, isn't it?

My free wireless withered away, and I found myself scrounging around on my laptop for an Internet connection. It's my own damned fault.

The zombies overran my fucking hospital complex in Heytown. I hate a few people and am a little disappointed in myself, but am none the worse for wear. Lessons learned and so forth. The Craske Triangle will persevere. Maybe you could even get off your ass and help out!

That said, it's been a while since I played anything other than Urban Dead. Actually that's not true. I fired up ZSNES and have been barrelling through The 7th Saga and Final Fantasy VI, neither of which I finished the first time around.

FF6 needs no introduction, of course, much less mooning advocacy, but The 7th Saga just might. I'll stop short of calling it the greatest console RPG of all time, but neither would I bet good money against that. Even if it didn't boast the fiercest, nastiest combat of the pre-Guild-Wars era, the fact that all your potential party members can strike out on their own and compete with you - even kick your ass in the tavern and steal your most precious assets - is so far ahead of its time, thus far to my knowledge only one miserable Wizardry game has even attempted to copy it.

And the music is wonderful, and the world is enormous, and you never really know what the hell is going on, and the moment you let your guard down the wrong combination of random assholes confront you on the path overland & hand you your severed head. All of a sudden a stupid zombie and a floating brain are healing & resurrecting each other, debuffing you, sapping your mana, and God knows what else.

Most people balk at the Guild Wars comment. Try soloing a Necromancer-Ranger sometime. I'm sure there are ways to make it easy on yourself, but if you don't... man are you ever in for a treat.

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