19 March, 2006

Bio-readouts are all in the green, looks like she's alive.

Over 1700 people are playing Subspace as I write this. There are even a few full matches underway using the once-extinct classic settings.

After reading what happened to the servers a couple weeks ago I was worried that this was the beginning of the end, but I went in last night to check things out and found it doing quite well. I saw some old friends who told me there was a tournament scheduled this afternoon for the old style War Zone game.

When I went on today the game was full of people, two full matches of a gametype I'd thought long-dead, complete with the original ship settings and classic style bases. Another of the classic zones was up at 250 people. More people are playing this game than I have seen in years. There's a post somewhere on Slashdot from 2002 where I boast that, though the game was 6 years old it was still doing well. Now here it is just past the ten year mark, and it's actually doing better.

This makes me a very happy person. If you haven't played Subspace I wish you would try it. See the various links to your right for downloads and guides.

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