18 March, 2006

Subspace: The Lost Levels

I moved to New York in a hurry two and a half years ago. A panic, almost. I didn't quite finish packing up the house and my mom was nice enough to finish the job for me. My desktop wound up in a very large family storage unit. It's an old piece of shit and I haven't much faith it'll work when when I find it.

I think I'm going back for a visit in May, but this last October I was pretty sure I'd be visiting in February. It's pretty hard for some of us to leave NYC unless we absolutely have to.

I made 51 maps for Subspace. They're all on that computer, and on a few CDs out of the hundreds I boxed up. I'm not sure I'll find them when I go back, and I'm itching to get a look at them sooner than May. If anyone out there's got them, I'd love to have a copy.

This isn't as unrealistic a hope as it may seem. They were archived on my old website as a single zip file for a couple of years, and quite a few of the old Subspace crowd were incorrigible packrats.

I don't like Subspace much anymore, and I can't really play it on my connection, but I feel like I'd better get involved in it again or I might regret it pretty badly in the future. So this is my first step.

The next step would be sifting through the hundreds, maybe thousands, of maps in unnamed archives on the Subspace Server Help site. Probably I should do that anyway. I was always the map guy. I wish I'd taken on an apprentice before I left, but I never did formally leave, just kind of sputtered out.

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