17 March, 2006

An update.

I talked with gerb on IRC and he informed me that the SSCX subspace zones taken down a week and a half ago are now safely hosted elsewhere. Apparently Xalimar isn't in any trouble as he had cleared the hosting with his boss quite some time ago.

I couldn't read the forums anymore. It made me angry and sad, and there was a lot to read. But plenty of people want to hurt this guy who got the game servers taken down, and that doesn't make me sad. This may sound a little extreme, but I think that's appropriate. I'll explain later, for anyone reading who doesn't yet know much about Subspace and its history.

I stayed up all through the night before last for fear of waking my girlfriend, who had just started a new job on two hours of sleep and seemed headed for a second day of that, up and wired and miserable at 3am. I had the luxury of being able to sleep through the afternoon and early evening, but now here I am at 10am with something not unlike insomnia.

So I took in an hour of World of Warcraft and discovered something interesting: I actually enjoy the game when i'm playing it alone, taking my time and under no pressure to barrel through some infinitely repeating quest as though it were an amusement park ride. I have one real quest, self-assigned: to get rid of all the fucking quests assigned in my journal and never do another again unless I honestly feel like it. Quest logs are great, but cluttering mine with 18 tasks collected in haste while on various ill-fated group outings has loaded me down with a weird anxiety that ruins the game for me. I come from a more innocent era when games like Anarchy Online and Asheron's Call let the journey sometimes be the destination and you made a lot of your own fun. World of Warcraft doesn't give you that sort of freedom, but there's no reason I can't take it.

And there's always Eve. We'll talk about Eve soon.

Did I mention I started this blog in large part as therapy?

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