17 March, 2006

I do this every now and then.

Some years ago I kept a news page for a game called Subspace. It became a sort of blog. I've been thinking lately I should probably get back to doing this. Not for Subspace, which I can't really play anymore, but for things in general. Mostly games.

In case you stumble upon this page in a search: I used the name einexile in Subspace and Tribes and on the old 4AD & ambient listservs, and I still use it in most action games and in Urban Dead. I also use the name Vacuos in Urban Dead, plus I go by that name in Anarchy Online and Eve. I use the name Winterlong in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

I play a lot of games. Because of this I'm not very good at any of them, but I kind of enjoy being lousy at computer games, so it evens out.

I mainly play Urban Dead now. I love it to death. It's a shame I was banned from the forums which I never even posted to. Go figure. Even without me on the forums it's the best game I know of to come out last year. It's a web game. I don't play web games, can't stand them, but Urban Dead is something special. Have a look.

I'm already tired of this. Maybe I'll let it rot for a few years then start another new one.

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