17 March, 2006


I just realized Subspace is now ten years old.

Editing my links here, I bopped around the websites for a moment to see which ones were still going, and was pleasantly surprised to note that two of them had been updated recently. Then I read the posts.

Some sack of shit reported our main server group to the company which had been hosting it since 1999, apparently describing it as a security threat, and the servers were shut down. New hosting has been found for the game zones affected, but one of the game's patron saints and elder statesmen has probably found himself in a bit of trouble for donating the clock cycles and bandwidth.

Bear in mind that this is arguably the first game of its kind, the game that coined the term MMO. A game hundreds - maybe thousands - of people still play seven years after its developer disbanded, its publisher went belly-up, and its final source code was lost. Maintained almost bloodlessly by a grassroots effort all this time, and one self-centered, fucked up person finds the necessary darkness somewhere in him to deal it this manner of a blow.

You've made yourself some enemies, buddy. Pray we aren't as dangerous as we hope we are.

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